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Seeds in Oregon

I started working with Applegate River Farm LLC in Grants Pass, there we were able to produce a large batch of feminized seed in 5 flavors. We used STS spray on a Jagar x Skywalker clone and pollenated the whole greenhouse under light dep conditions in July.
Check out our new seed menu and call me so we can arrange a transfer to your OLCC dispensary, OLCC farm or OLCC wholesale outfit.

Seed Menu 2018-2019
Sky Manna (f1) fem
Jager X Skywalker X Manna Gooey

Sky Blue Diesel (f1) fem
Jager X Skywalker X Royal Blue Sour Diesel

Sky Blue Durban (f1) fem
Jager X Skywalker X Royal Blue Durban

Sky Blue Kali (f1) fem
Jager X Skywalker X Blue Kali

Oregon Sky (s1) fem
Jager X Skywalker X Jager X Skywalker

Regular Seeds
Manna Gooey (f5) regular
Manitoba Rex X Southern Oregon Skunk X Bubba Goo Tooth

Kush Wreck (f5) regular
Purple Kush X Russian Kush X Train Wreck

Royal Blue Sour Diesel (f5) regular
Shoe Polish X Blue Berry X Sour Diesel x Sour Diesel

Blue Kali (f3) regular
Blueberry X Shoe Polish X Purple Kush X Kali Mist.

Blackberry Moonshine (f3) regular
Aliens x Afghan Landrace x c98 aloha x Blackberry Kush

Durban Moonshine (f1) regular
Royal Blue Durban x Aliens x Afghan Landrace x c98 aloha x Blackberry Kush

Prices: Packaged in 5’s and 10’s $5 per seed.
100 to 1,000 $4.00 over 1,000 $3.50 over 3,000 $3.00 over 5,000 $2.50 over 10,000 $2.00 per seed.
Richard Reames- Moon Flower Seed

Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. For use by adults aged 21 years of age or older. Keep out of reach of children.


Some nice work there indeed.


That Blackberry Moonshine sounds DANK AF!!! id like to get a 10 seed pack of that. message me.


We have packs on the shelf in Grants pass at Southern Oregon Cannabis Connection on 7th.

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Im in LA bro. but they are nice im sure.

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