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Seeds... lots of seeds

Hi friends!

Paul Moreno from Cooperativa Ananda here @CooproAnanda

As you might know, Cooperativa Ananda has 2 licenses for commercial Cannabis production in Ecuador. Our first license is a type 2 that allows us to import, sell, and reproduce seeds and clones. We have a 7,800 square meter facilities almost ready to start producing.
Our second license is a type 4 that allows us to plant 5 hectares (12.3 acres) of industrial hemp.
Regulations in Ecuador states a maximum 1% THC content in dry biomass.

So, we need seeds for grain and fiber for outdoor hemp, and, additionally, high CBD (or CBG or CBN) seeds for indoor/greenhouse production.

Can you please raise your hand if you are a serious Hemp Seeds provider.

We need seeds. Lots of seeds.



@automatik can you help?

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Congratulations again on your licenses @paulcoyote!
If you want to check out they can help you out. I know a couple local hemp farmers that have used their cultivars 2 years now. They have always been compliant with thc levels since using these guys. Check them out, they are doing some amazing R & D.
They sell in bulk to my friend.


Hi @paulcoyote , lovely to see further progress of yours. I received a file yesterday from a source and it might seriously help you in your efforts. I am speaking with the CEO on Friday and will give him your details to get in direct contact. Great to see all your progress coming along nicely. @sensibleseeds


Please check out our range at one of our online store []

Prices per seed can start at 0.30 pence/seed on high quantities

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Thanks a lot! Will check that soon!

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Hi @Tygrow78 , looks very promising!