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Seeking Cannabis Industry Speaker

Hi there. We are a manufacturer of cryogenic storage vessels based out of Canton, GA. We sell our products globally to the various gas providers (Praxair, Airgas, Roberts, ARC3, etc.) and they in turn service grow houses and extraction units across the US and Canada.

We are looking for someone to speak to our customer group of 70-90 gas providers at our conference in Dallas in late April. They are interested in grow house operations, extraction operations, and the future of the industry as it expands into new states.

Please contact myself or Steve Roach


Hi Chris,

We have some clients that could be a good fit. You can call me at 866-420-6464 if you want to chat.

I myself could address the marketing of the business and how growers can make better margins. Either way I am happy to help.



P.S. Here’s my bio for reference:

With her deep knowledge and insight into the current legal cannabis bloom, Susan Rust is our resident guru at 4Blooms.Guru. Susan is also recognized nationally as a trainer, speaker, and mentor in the Drupal open-source community. Her expertise includes web project rescues and operations specialists who help companies scale through process, accountability and leadership training. Susan brings her extensive experience as leader of the 4Blooms.Guru agency. Her versatile team specializes in compliant cannabis packaging, branding, web, content, SEO, and hyperlocal marketing for marijuana dispensaries, products, and services.


Thanks Susan! I will give you a call tomorrow.