Seeking Established Vape Companies for New Product Opportunity

Hello everyone,

We have a client with a cutting edge herbal vape technology that uses only all natural ingredients and no propylene glycol or other harmful chemical additives. They are looking to license the technology to or partner with an established vape company to use the technology as the backbone for a new line of all natural vape products.

They would prefer an established company that can hit the ground running on this initiative to take it to market in the near future. If this sounds like your company or another that you know of please reach out as we are looking to set something up for them before April if possible.



@LabOwner and @DispensaryOwners may be interested in this opportunity. Thanks for sharing, @Pacifico! Keep up the great work that you do!


Hi, Iā€™d love to know more, although I only retail, have you tried going through Linkedin with this?