Seeking Experienced Grower for Illinois Recreational Application

Hello Growers Network! I’m in the process of putting together an application for a craft grower license in Illinois. The license allows for up to 5,000 sq ft of flower canopy, which we would grow in an indoor warehouse facility in suburban Chicago.

We’ve got some excellent cultivation and facility design consultants but no one on the team with legal growing experience. Someone fitting that profile would be a major boon for our application, which is due March 16th.

At this point, we are only seeking to open discussions with potential candidates. However, if the application is submitted with a specific name as our lead grower, the state will likely hold us to that. So we will inevitably need to establish terms for a commitment. Given most candidates with legal experience are likely to come from out of state, we understand that may involved compensating for relocation.

We do not anticipate luring any masters away from their grow, nor is that likely to be within our budget. However, we plan to compensate commensurate to experience. So this may be a good fit for someone who’s ready to take on primary responsibility for a smaller scale start-up.

The licenses will be awarded on July 1st. We need to have seeds in the ground within six months, ideally sooner. I’d love to hear from anyone on here who may be looking for a new role by the end of the year.





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