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Seeking investment in California market

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Hello. I am seeking an investment to assist in the relocation and establishment of a perpetual grow operation and a production facility/refinery in California, preferably in Los Angeles. Revenue will be generated through the sale of flower, seed, concentrates, honey, and hemp fiber to start. Please respond in PM/DM or through

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My book!


Red, are you a CA resident? Do you have $1M to invest? Do you know the regs for San Bernardino County for cultivation? Let me know how I can help you. Sincerely, Marilyn MOrrin, Diversified Cannabis Services, email: [email protected]; cell 619-917-5058


Tagging @redbeeseeds so he can see your addition to the conversation @paralegal.cannabis. :slight_smile:

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@Hunter Thank you.

For clarification, I am a brand. I am not seeking to invest in another brand, but seeking investment for my own. Thank you.