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Selling a 502 Van

Sorry to say we’re about to get out of the 502 biz. We want to sell a 2016 Ford Transit. I researched vans for 4 months to find this “upfitted” medium height van with locking door between the cab & cargo areas. Deluxe shelving, some locking. We’ve put 57 miles on the new vehicle, dealerships put a few hundred driving to 2nd dealership, then they delivered it to us. Pristine! Please contact me offline if interested. I can provide pics, speedometer, etc.


How should people reach you offline?

I thought the forum linked people off line…I’ve done it before with Nic.
But they can contact me at [email protected]. Thank you Hunter!

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People can message you through the community as well. Just click on the avatar (the green K) and click on the Message button to send @kdgreenbaum a private message.

Thank you Nic!

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