Selling my Cannabis Cultivation, Distribution, and Extraction Companies w/ Equipment

As seen on 420 Property (Extraction Listing and Cultivation), I am selling my cannabis businesses and all of the equipment I have at the moment. See the 420 Property listings above for more details.

Here is my entire equipment list:

Cultivation equipment This equipment is about 1 1/2 years old
117 HPS grow lights LUX
40 LED, grow lights 780 2.7A Flora
38 veg lights,
one veg room modular wall panels
one mother room, modular wall panels
three dry rooms, modular wall panels
three grow rooms, modular wall panels
one clone room, modular wall panels
all of these rooms are built with pre-fabricated walls that are removable
30 T5 Clone lights
12 Anden dehumidifiers 760 model
netafim brand auto irrigation for all rooms
Carbon filtration system
18 7 ton Trane XRAC Units material only
4000 gallon septic tank
electrical equipment w/ labor
labor to install all equipment, paneling, etc…
2 air showers JHCP57, 1100w
fabrication for multiple grow tables
custom drainage throughout
multiple commercial fans
irrigation filtration system
ac ducting throughout
fire sprinter system throughout
2 water pressure/pump
plumbing throughout
1600 amp distribution center
fire alarm equipment
epoxy flooring
One shipping container 40ft
septic tank
smart system control
Light Lifts Brand: Electric
walk in fridge 12 x 8 ft
4 stacks tanks 500 gal.
MGM Dry Type Transformer 30KVA HT30A3B2SH 480V/208Y
2 EcoPlus Commercial 1 HP Chiller
Ideal Air dehumidifier 180 pints
"Hydrofarm AAHC200P Active Air Commercial Humidifier, 200 Pint
"13 TKK PA series mini electric hoist 110v, also named electric winch
3 700Gal Water tanks

Extraction Equipment : This equipment was purchased about four years ago, but was only used for about a year.
2017 PXP Extractor System
20l Rotary evaporator. Across international. SE 53 model.
27cf Ultra low freezer ai glacier 27 180330147
Polyscience Chiller
Edwards NXDS10i 7.5CFM Scroll Pump
2 4.4cf vacuum ovens across international (ai)
Haskell pump,
Welch chemical duty pump with vacuum
SL12 Julabo Heating Circulator 230V/50-60Hz 13A
Decarboxylation Vessel Lab Depot Model Number Pilot 5000 115V/16Hz 1ph
2 FP-89 Julabo Chillers
Huber Chiller
Temptek water heater brand veteran
1 Walk in freezer
2 Standalone double door freezers AVANTCO
Sasquatch 2.5 Rosin Presses 25 ton, 15000 lbs of down force, 110V
3 5 ton AC units material only
Makita Mac100Q Air compressor
2 Triminator Rosin Presses Model TRP
AtlasCopco Air compressor
1 HarvestRight Freeze dryer,
7 Storage racks
3 Stainless Steel tables
1 Black Table
1 Rosin press table
2 Picnic tables,
1 Small fridge(for employees)
1 Micro wave,
Flammable gas storage (60 gal)
2 Safes
Flexmod C1D1 Portable Lab w/ accessories and emergency air setup
Ac system
plumbing throughout
sprinkler system
refinish floors with epoxy
labor to install all items
electrical throughout
One shipping container 20ft
2 Precision Custom C1D1 walk-in fume hood
50kw Generator csprb06.2scm