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Senators Introduce Bi-Partisan Legislation to Protect States Cannabis Laws

Time to call your local senators, folks! No matter where you live, this issue matters!

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Cory Gardner (R-CO) have introduced the STATES Act, a piece of bi-partisan legislation that would allow for resolution to the embattled issue of state sovereignty vs. federal overreach in all matters cannabis. The STATES Act effectively protects individual states’ cannabis laws from federal prosecutors. If passed, this law signals the end of the federal war on cannabis.

While we always try to maintain a neutral political stance at GNET, we strongly urge you to call, email, snail mail, personally visit, leaflet drop from hot air balloons (if able), your local senator and tell him or her to support the STATES Act.

If passed, Jeff Sessions can finally go back under the bridge where he belongs.