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Send Me Your Media Kits?

Hi GN fam!

I am planning an advertising campaign for our product line and, while I have some ideas of places that I would like to advertise, it’s hard to know or find all of the places or opportunities to get our brand out there on one’s own.

I would like to invite anyone with advertising opportunities to provide me media kits for consideration.

To help you understand what it is we are advertising (whether we would be a good fit for your demographic), it is a 4-part cannabis nutrient system that widens the range of acceptable pH, and bypasses glycolysis for carbohydrate / Acetyl Coenzyme A reserves (heightened plant immunity, faster harvest cycles, and significant increases in terpene content).

I look forward to working together!


@Marketers should be interested in this post. Pass on your media kits!


I’ve been working with Leafly - may be worth it to check them out.

The rep that I’m working with is Leif Hansen, and his email is [email protected]. I’m sure he’d be happy to help! He’s a good guy, straightforward and honest.


I am definitely interested in Leafly, that is a great contact referral!