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Sensi Denver/Boulder - The New Normal (August 2018)


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Check out the newest issue of Sensi Southern Colorado. The New Normal.

To give you a sneak peek:

One evening in June, I returned to my apartment after a last-minute retreat to the mountains. In my bag was a bundle of sage that had been growing wild on the property where I had been staying on the Western Slope. The woman who owned the land told me that sage had been used in spiritual rituals as a way to cleanse negative energies from people and places, suggesting that I burn some when I got home to help me further reset…

An East Coast cynic who spent her formative years going to school in a convent, I was skeptical. In my mind, I could hear my mother saying I shouldn’t buy into the “hippie-dippy bullshit”—a sentiment some people share when they hear about the healing power of cannabis. So I decided to look at the spiritual cleansing ritual the same way we encourage Sensi readers to think about using cannabis for health and wellness: it can’t hurt you, it might help you, and there’s no harm in trying.



Thanks for all these. Good hanging out last night. Don’t take that lady for granted!



HAHA oh man @david2 great to hear, thanks for the advice. Let’s get together again soon with your partner and continue the discussion. I’m open to support each other and learn no matter what! PS sorry for getting 8 emails from me today, I’m going to not contact the whole forum about all of my posts via email all at the same time again :wink: Rubbed some people the wrong way which is understandable. Powerful platform tho! Love me some Growers Network!

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