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Sensi Los Angeles - The New Normal (August 2018)


Check out the newest issue of Sensi Los Angeles. The New Normal.

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To give you a sneak peek:

This year has been transformative in a multitude of ways, so as we think about the last bit of summer before schools are back in session and life gets back to the crazy, it’s time to focus on finding our center. This issue is all about wellness and in my world, that means striving to attain a state of zen regardless of what else is happening. So while I dream of white sandy beaches and escapes to faraway lands, I’ve embodied the notion that wellness—and zen—can be achieved simply by making every effort to find that in our daily lives.

From doing yoga that’s cannabis friendly to finding a small bit of solitary paradise up north, we can implement wellness into our lives rather easily. For me, that state of bliss happens by choice. Personally, I find that sense of calm in submersing myself in art at a local museum or sitting on the sandy shores while sand sneaks its way into every open crevice. I can find it in eastern philosophy, a careful dosing of CBD, talking to fellow creatives, or practicing yoga/meditation (this presents a challenge for me and my hyper-speed life, but I submit—reluctantly).



You have sent me 6 spam emails in 10 minutes. That is not how to do business.

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I appreciate the offering of Mr. Guerra but this blanket broadcast of multiple publications is over the top.

Please unsubscribe my email from All of of these emails. Otherwise to unsubscribe it is necessary to do each individually.

Thank you,

Joe Haslett

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You can easily mute conversations if you choose. @Richard.Guerra is just trying to make known events that are upcoming that might be of interest to members of our community. We would love to see you there!


I’ve attached two images detailing how to mute notifications based on category or user.

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8 emails in 10 min!!! No

@bodhipharma @joehaslett.oap @goodweed ----- MY APOLOGIES! I was just put onto the information about how I can tag groups of GN members in my posts and I got a little carried away by tagging everyone in all of the posts I made this week. Didn’t realize at the time that it would end up with everyone getting an email about each of the 8 different posts all at once.

I do still plan to make posts (spread out) about our publication’s content and to tag relevant GN groups. I have been encouraged to do so. This is apparently an option for any user, to reach all other users with their postings. It should be handled with care and not misused like I did today.

Like Nick explained, any user is able to go in and mute any topics by any users or categories. If you don’t want to receive updates about our monthly publications or our nationwide events then I would encourage you to go and mute our channel in your preferences. If you decide to create a post in the GN forum and you decide to tag all vetted partners or Sensi particularly (this is an option for you as a user), and I realize that I don’t want to be getting notified about whatever posts you are making with the larger vetted partners group tagged in it, then I will go to mute your posts in my preferences. We are all learning here, and I did not anticipate a scenario where I would be “spamming” in the way it went down today. Thank you for your understanding and for pointing it out to me.


Wow! Thanks for being so humble, @Richard.Guerra. Thanks for your kind and sincere apology. We too bear a good deal of responsibility here at GNET as we were teaching you to tag at that moment. We never want to encourage spam here on the forum and I also apologize if it appeared this way; I assure you, this was not our intent! I guess we all got a little carried away!

We love @SensiMag here at GNET and we want to continue our relationship long into the future.

We are all learning and growing together here at GNET. Please, if ANYONE ever feels there is a way we can improve the experience here for any of our valued members, please feel free to reach out to me personally or any of our other wonderfully helpful and experienced GNET admins. We are here to help.

Happy Growing :smiley:

Thank you Nick!


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