Sensi Southern Colorado - The New Normal (June 2018)


Check out the newest issue of Sensi Southern Colorado. The New Normal.

To give you a sneak peek: When I was a kid, back in the Super Nintendo era, my school’s curriculum devoted a week to environmental education. We were taught if we just turned off the lights, shut off water faucets when brushing our teeth, and recycled, we’d be doing our part to protect the environment.

That was 20 years ago. Turns out turning off the lights and the faucets wasn’t enough. The rainforests are still being gutted to produce overpriced furniture and underpriced beef patties. The planet keeps getting hotter. Coastlines are sinking, droughts are rampant, and the wildfires in California and Canada look like something out of a Michael Bay flick. Yet as dismal as things may seem, we’re making some progress on some fronts.