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Sensor placement - what and how many

So when it comes to sensor placement it really comes down to the type and number of sensors. The greater the number of sensors you have distributed throughout your grow environment the more granular the data becomes. A variety of types of sensors will give you the broader overall view of what is going on and allow you to spot correlated and linked events.

Of course there is one over riding factor which is the sensors and associated costs, we’d all love to have the deep pockets and be able to buy all the sensors we’d ideally want. So we make do in a lot of cases with the sensors can afford, and so begins the fine art and dance form of getting the most out of what you have.

Starting with the probably the most fundamental data every grower needs to be paying attention to, temperature and humidity. When it comes to measuring these two fundamental environment variables sensor placement is important, placed in the wrong location can lead to over compensation trying to fix an issue that does not exist. A temperature sensor in direct light will show higher readings than one in the shade (the one in the shade is the correct one), temperature sensors placed to high up or to low down will show inaccurate data.

So knowing where the sensor needs to be placed the next part is how many, a single sensor in a 1,000 square meter facility is not going to be giving you the information you require. The same can be said for placing 10 sensors in a 25 square meter space. That said it does depend on what you are trying to achieve, I like being able to measure the temperature at a number of heights within the grow space so I can work on better air circulation.

This is where I would like to hear from @mastergrowers and everyone else who grows on here, what would you say is the minimum spacing for sensors and what is the ideal spacing? From your experience what are the sensors types that provide the most valuable data for the beginner grower and advanced commercial growers.



I think a major limitation of some environmental control systems is the sheer number of sensors - or lack thereof! I know that the environmental controller that I use has a singular sensor for each micro-environment that the unit controls. This can be helpful but also a huge limiting factor: I am only pulling data from that one spot in my cultivation space. Sometimes I just need a little more data in order to control some of the functionality of the hardware in the room!

Now that I have completed my tirade…

To answer your question: I place my sensor right around mid-canopy and adjust the sensor height with the growing plants. You can often see the sensor for some environmental controller in the pics I post here.