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Sensors and Controllers to Optimize your Grows - From Seed to Harvest

Use Agri-Mon Plug and Play Wi-Fi sensors, controllers and actuators to increase your yield and decrease your fertilizer/irrigation costs. Up to 30% cost savings and 50% increase in yield have been attained by Agri-Mon system owners.

Start with one sensor, add another and let them talk to each other to switch equipment on/off,
Text alerts and controls allow you to be in touch with your grows 24/7 from anywhere in the world on your cell phone or PC with internet access.

Dashboard/Website included free for 3 months with first product purchased
Easy setup - just plug in AC adapter or SolarPanel, add module to your Wi-Fi network and within minutes data is displayed on your Dashboard/Website.

Temperature & Humidity
pH Sensors
EC/TDS/Temp Sensors
CO2 Sensors
Moisture sensors
Custom Automated Tank fill and monitoring
Leak/Flood detectors
Light sensors - so your know your lights are coming on and going off.
Actuators and Controllers
Solar and Battery Options available

If you cant see it - ask us! [email protected]

Indoor and Outdoor grows - Cannabis, Hemp, Nuts, Fruits…
Horticulture and Agriculture

Need a monitor and control solution?
We can deliver your custom solution!

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I have a sensor that monitors salts ph water management and temperature.

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What about humidity and nutrient temperature…CO2 can they text you and let you know when your sakts are high or switch on pump to flush your grow?

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Are you indoor or outdoor? WE do systems for Agriculture and Horticulture. If you let me know your background I can give you some examples:) We do a lot of Fruit and nuts here in Northern CA. slight_smile:


no they don’t text you. this is mainly a out door tool. itll gps and mark boundaries. Itll measure out all your outdoor watering. High low dry wet spots. itll just give a reading and I base a flush or whatever application off that.