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Serious Investors Needed

Currently raising $8 million dollars to complete the medical cannabis cultivation facility in California.

Products will be made from both hydroponic and traditional soil-based systems, in which each and every internal and external aspects such as temperature, humidity, light wavelengths etc and even the ratio of nutrients taken in by the plants will be controlled and monitored by the specialized employees.

Here are the key facts for the Investors:
-Licenses Approved by City: Medical Cannabis Cultivation for up to 20,000 sq. ft. canopy space, total building size to be 29,000 sq. ft. and Transportation Licenses issued in January 2017.
-2.3 acres of city-owned lot purchased by the company in April, 2017. The land currently is valued at $1 Million.
-Projected construction completion date: December, 2017
-Projected first revenue date: March or April, 2018.
-Projected production capacity: 15,000 pounds per year
-Projected Yearly Net Revenue*$15,089,800
-Investor Equity Ownership Proposed: 18%
-Method of Funding: Regulation D 506© Private Placement Memorandum
-Minimum Investment Amount: $50,000

*based upon the current price of marijuana and once the company has had a full year of operations

The company is offering to accredited investors up to $8,000,000 of the Company’s Membership Interests equal to 18% of the equity of the company. The minimum subscription is $50,000. On a projected basis, the annual ROI is estimated to be 25% to 35%. For further financial forecasts, please review our Executive Summary, which you can download by providing your contact information.
The Company’s operating agreement allows for a total of 5,000,000 (Five Million) Membership Interests.
As of the date of this memorandum, there are 4,100,000 (Four Million One Hundred Thousand)

Membership Interests outstanding. There is a single class of Membership Interests.
Membership Interests: The Membership Interests have equal governance rights per Membership Interest and one vote per Membership Interest on matters on which the Members may vote. The rights and obligations are set out more fully in the Amended and Restated Operating Agreement of the Company (the “Operating Agreement”)The Operating Agreement is an integral part of the Offering and should be reviewed prior to making any investment.
Restricted Securities: The Membership Interests are restricted securities. The Company does not plan to register such securities or qualify them for resale in any states. There is no public market for the securities, nor does the Company expect one to develop.
This is neither an offer nor solicitation to sell the Company’s securities. Investment in the Company is only available to accredited investors pursuant to the transaction documents. For more information please go to:


Contact me AJ 310.227.0624 from www.420servi,, we have funds available. Must be secured. Canna PODS are the project protection wraps required to access funding sources. We have POF and funds available as of today.


I am going to forward this to my investor.

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