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Sesh Technologies Manufacturing Mobile Rosin Press Truck

Jessica giving me a tour of the truck

As a follow-up from my visit with Green Mountain Harvest, I met up with Jessica Ferranti, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer of Sesh Technologies Manufacturing (STM), to get a tour of their mobile rosin press setup. We met at the repair shop because one of their trucks was having some maintenance work done. It looks like a regular delivery truck from the outside, but once inside, the full extent of the technology becomes clear. The interior is customized to allow for a steady workflow.

STM Rosin Press 4.0

  • It all starts with a pucker, which presses the flower into a precisely sized puck to make a consistent hockey puck-like shape.
  • After The Pucker is the rosin press, which can be dialed in to precise temperature, pressure and time parameters for ideal results. Three 1 oz pucks can be pressed at once.
  • Afterwards, a food-grade cooling table directly behind the press is used to cool the rosin for easy separation and collection from the pressing paper.

Panorama of the inside of the truck

Residual flower from pressing can be used in the Rocket Box joint maker so that nothing is wasted in the process. Simply shred the newly rosin-infused pucks and dump the flower into the Rocket Box to be turned into 453 joints in minutes. STM’s ‘Clean-Green Cannabis Initiative’ means that they want to make use of 100% of the product with no waste and no solvents or chemicals. The truck is equipped with its own generator as a power supply, or it can be plugged into the electrical system at your location.

Safety equipment and hot and cold running water for cleanup

The truck is air-conditioned to offset the heat from the press, and comes equipped with all the necessary safety equipment to keep the crew operating at peak efficiency. They even carry a spare press in case of any mechanical issues. A work table with internet access is available in the case that they need to handle online transactions or other clerical work. The press is also internet-equipped so that STM can remotely monitor and make adjustments as needed.

Whiteboard for notes and recording data

The STM crew comes with the truck to do all of the work for you. The rosin technicians simply roll up to your location, open up the back ramp for easy access, and start pressing. Once you have the ideal temperature and pressure settings for your strain, they can save them as presets for your next harvest. All equipment is OSHA certified and the press comes with a laser light curtain that automatically shuts off the press if anything enters the pressing area during operation. The interior is completely sanitized prior to each visit in order to prevent cross-contamination between pressing locations.

Cooling table for easy rosin removal

STM is based out of Spokane, WA, but has expanded to Colorado and is partnering with Susan from Green Mountain Harvest to bring its services to all of Susan’s trimming clients. Clients can hire Susan’s crew to trim, and STM’s pressing service to take care of the rest. You can even purchase your own STM 4.0 Rosin Press and operate it on-site, should you have a high enough volume do your own pressing.

I highly recommend watching their press in operation if you get the chance. They’ll be attending events in Denver; stay tuned for more info.


Yesterday I dreamed of owning a food truck but today my dreams widened!!! This is a BRILLIANT idea.
Keep on being awesome!!


It’s really amazing the kinds of niches that rental services can cover! I’m always impressed by business models such as this.


More and more I see services and products going to the grower, and it seems to be catching on. This is full on on-site service! Love it, Definitely makes things simple for the grower!


Thanks, Dan!!

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