Settle a harvesting tiff

Help me out with a harvesting question please. My old lady wants to harvest now. I’m thinking 1 or 2 more weeks. She knows I’m asking you guys for advice.


Ain’t far by the looks of the picture, can’t tell from pic how far along are the trichomes, to me we go over half in general maybe 60-70% Amber 30% cloudy white. Some say go 50% Amber 50% cloudy or milky white.if there clear then you have more time my brother. You will get 10 different answers on this but clear triches u don’t want… :v:t2::sunglasses::v:t2:


Because of the color and zoom level of this picture, it is difficult to tell.
There are a couple of ways to decide.
The hair on the flowers will turn color. When 50% of them have changed, you are good to harvest, but you may want to wait longer. Some people want to harvest before the trichomes turn amber. The reason for that is there is a discussion on couch-lock. Is couch-lock caused by the trichomes turning amber? Nobody knows for sure and a couple of us are experimenting on it.

Get yourself a good 1000x USB microscope and you will be able to see inside the trich’s.

Here is a chart to help decide on when to harvest.
(Pics should be in white light when checking trich’s)


Hey there d.c its actually hoppiefrog my phone died (me and Zeus live tg) just wanted to respond w/o causing drama. If u dont have a microscope (absolutely the best way to check ripeness) you will want to listen to actual pros advice 50/50 red hair is absolutely premature for any strain!!! 85% is a better starting for trichomes if u have a microscope aim for at least 15-35% ambers sativa/indica. Hope this helps ease the mind, if you have time check out my threads (hoppiefrogs no till) & lets pollinate this place up & identifying tzar bomba lots to see what i do ;). That was a serious glitch in the system that was sent as a pm!! @chrisj think u guys need to do some maintenance or something lol. Oh well so much for being politically correct

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It looks good for harvest to me, my reasoning is all hairs are developed and from what I can see your trichomes are milky. What is the rest of the plants bud sites look like, it normally develops in maturity from top down.

You will get 10 different answers on this but clear triches u don’t want…

You can say that again.

Always good to be politically correct, especially on a public forum. Personally I like harvesting earlier as an outdoor grower and that is because after months of patience, I want as much smoke as possible, you never know what tomorrow brings. For example some of my plants have the start of bud rot, it will be a big loss in yield for me, and next week our weather forecast is 80mm of rain. So I might chop most of the ladies today.

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Thanks to all for responding. It helps to keep me grounded.
This coming Saturday will be week 11 of flowering. Went to 12/12 , thirteen weeks ago. Strain is SLH. Maybe just getting itchy. Agreed to compromize, partial harvest 2 of 5 plants Saturday week 11 and let the other 3 go to 12 weeks. I know with sativas it’s not about weeks in flower it’s just as T. Petty sang, the waiting is the hardest part.