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Severely disappointed

This is a networking platform. I’ve proved my credentials. I’ve shared my interest in creating further exposure for this network through various avenues, such as Forbes publications. It was advertised that there would be networking opportunities at the convention I was invited to, repeatedly, and subsequently, I attended (with great expectation). I approached the booth which was advertised as one where I would find the people I’ve connected with here. I was immensely surprised by the severe lack of respect and recognition I received. You all acted like you had no idea who I am…

I don’t appreciate the fact that no meaningful conversation occurred between the people who are connected within this network.

I even saw the CEO of this network in passing, shaked his hand (hoping for meaningful conversation) and he simply (barely, and seemingly without interest), partially acknowledged me, and went on his way to wherever he was headed. No conversation was had. He clearly had more important things which he was more interested in (beyond furthering his relationship with me).

At this time, I am no longer interested in featuring this network within my Forbes interview/publication.

Networking through the internet, is merely a minute component of such an intricate endeavor. You can be ‘cool’ on the internet - but if you cannot connect in person, this whole thing will fail, inevitably.

TL;DR; I am extremely disappointed with GNET; a as whole. No one even introduced their selves with their full name. I could barely figure out who you all were.


I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience. However I think its important to remember that face-to-face interaction is different that internet networking. I’m sure @nick would even be to busy to spend time with me…he is the leader of a very busy website that had many members at that expo, after all.

Personally, I dont know who you are. I see nothing on your profile to indicate just who you are. No name, no photo. I also see that you just joint GNet just at the beginning of the month, that’s pretty fresh. I’ve personally never seen anything written by you here and I have no clue what your credentials here. So obviously you haven’t really proven yourself here if I dont know who you are.

Even in your rant, youre careful to point out your credentials, and yet never sign your name.

Who are you? How am I supposed to know who you are if you’ve never actually explained it in the first place?

I hope this was a drunken rant, as its nothing less that pretentiousness in my eye and I hope you wake in the morning a write a redaction. Nobody here cares that your talking to Forbes, theres plenty of people here that have been in magazines in the past, and I’m sure many of us will be interviewed by Forbes at one point in time, so you’re nothing special there.

As a professional, I would suggest not going on these “severely dissappointed” rants, as it only tarnished your reputation on this platform.

I know I will ensure that I will never do business with your company, and anybody I talk to in the industry will hear about this pretentious rant where I will advice them about your additude.

Severely disappointed,

P.S. If you want to know my credentials, just ask around.


I am the holder of the only patent-pending product line in the world for a lighting array for horticulture operations. If you click my name, without even viewing further into my profile, you can see that I clearly state that I am the Founder & Inventor at LED Cultivation.

I’ve worked 115 hours/week, on average, for the past year and 4 months. I’d love to talk about the definition of, ‘busy’ - with anyone, including yourself.

My name is Austin Rouse (as it clearly states if you literally click my name and don’t even bother to look further into my profile).

I don’t know your credentials. You’re the one with a blank profile. Why are you pretending like mine is blank? Its quite obviously there.

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The link to your website, leads to a password locked page…Please correct that, so we can check out your cool equipment. thanks.

I do understand where you are coming from. But this is not the place to vent such feelings. Always be professional. Peace.



I would be pleased to talk with you anytime you want.

The hort industry is as least as hard to navigate as is the tech community.

Canabis as a commercial and professional endever is very early in its maturation curve. The Profesional growers on the whole have a very difficult time of finding the wheat from the chaff.

Please read my bio on this site.

Warm regards,

Ethan Kayes
[email protected]
218 393-5627.


It is locked, purposefully. I do not agree that this is not professional. I’d prefer objective discussion regarding the topic, rather than disrespectful sentiments attached by people who choose to insult me with the word, ‘pretentious’ (accompanied by hollow threats implying they are going to attempt to hurt my company’s reputation through their contacts…) - when that is exactly the fashion in which they are conducting themselves within the discussion of this topic. I am not afraid to post tough topics. However, in a vetted network, I expect objectivity, rather than hostility.

I want to help this network. I want this to grow further, and flourish. I am not the only one who was disappointed with what I’m “ranting” about…Discussions like this can begin the conversation on how we can improve this network.

This place is fantastic, but it is not yet optimized. We would like to help to bring it to an optimized point. I’m sorry this thread created threats and insults, rather than objective discussion. And for that reason, as a professional, I will be abandoning this thread. I’ve already PM’d the CEO of this network and informed him that I have no problem with this being deleted, with an apology attached for stirring up controversy; as that was not the intent behind the post.

Sorry to anyone who became offended through reading this post. I flew to Vegas, expecting a high-level networking environment at the booth GNET advertised they’d be at. The decorated corporate executive by my side, shared my disappointment and surprise.

That is all I have for this topic. I urge everyone to conduct basic research before hurling insults my way, and pretending like I’m hiding, when all the info you need to look into me is on my profile.



I hope you had good show. Just so you know, I was walking the floor and actively searching for you and your mom. At one point I thought I may have spotted you, but without a pic it was hard to be sure and you walked away too quickly to confirm. I was very much looking forward to meeting with you and as many members of our forum as humanly possible in the chaos that was MJBizCon. Unfortunately, with over 20,000 people in attendance and 1200 booths it was just not humanly possible in 3 days. I’m sure you can understand that among the clamor and din sometimes it’s hard to put a face to a name and meet everyone. I assure you there was no intent to slight you in any way.

We are trying to build a community around trust, understanding and a common love and interest in cannabis. We want to make this plant a normal part of life for human culture the world over. We welcome you to join us in helping create an participate in that community. If you ever find yourself in AZ I’d be happy to meet up with you and introduce you to everyone on our team…this is true for anyone in the Growers Network community who would ever like to sit down and chill. That’s what we do.

I echo @Cure_Advantage_Ruben in my sign off. Peace


I can admit when I’m wrong. I am wrong. I should not have posted this. Regardless, it should have been worded differently. I am simply incorrect. This was written with emotion, rather than logic, and that is why I am currently experiencing regret.

I apologize. Please forgive me for being so incredibly ludicrous. I will make up for it…

I am admittedly a young man who simply has far too much energy, and we are actively working on how to lessen my emotional intensity. It is not professional. It is not productive. It does not help. I want to help, in any way I can.

I don’t appreciate the insults, but I deserve them I suppose. Well, humans make mistakes, and this is one of mine.



I would still like the opportunity to have a conversation with you. I like to know what you are working on. And, I love to talk to you about Horticulture. And, what it’s like to be an old retired fart.

PM me and we can set up a time.

Warm regards,
Ethan Kayes
[email protected]


Hi Austin,

Sorry to hear you feel this way, I wish I could have attended.

I’m also new on here and being in Australia, don’t get to go to any shows to meet anyone which I will change in the near future. I used to have an online adult store and attended the largest adult show here in Australia for over seven years called the Sexpo… I can honestly say it was like a big family attending these events all over Australia. Over time the more you attended the more people you got to meet and became friends with. I’m sure if you just give yourself the time and a chance for this to happen, you too would feel the same about this industry. Hell, I get this already with this network and I haven’t met anyone in person… I feel the people that put themselves out here on this network are all like minded people willing to help each other to develop our skills in this industry. I know I have sharpened my skills up since I have been on here and it excites me to look towards the future knowing that there will be long time friendships built either in person one day but for now, online… I feel privileged to be on this platform interacting with some of if not the most knowledgable people in this industry.

I too don’t have a web page or a logo/photo up yet up as it’s being built but can’t understand why you need to have your’s locked. Wouldn’t you want everyone to see what your doing, be even a little transparent.

You say your young, well maybe that could be it…
I believe everyone gets a second chance and now maybe you need to show that you deserve this on this incredible platform.

I hope you find your feet and peace with the feedback given.

Kind regards



Hi KanGrow,

Welcome to the network! I am new, as well. My website is locked because we have not completed it yet and are not ready for launch. I am very transparent. I’ve given the site password to many here, by request. I have no issue sharing what I’ve been working on. I will answer any question one may have. The website however, must stay locked at this time.

I am young, and emotionally immature. By the grace of God, I have been granted a second chance, and I intend to do exactly that; show that I deserve to be here. It is a privilege to be here, not a right.

I appreciate the feedback, immensely. I will not let this community down again. Thank-you to all for the forgiveness and understanding.

With deep regret & gratitude,
Austin Rouse



Hey Austin,

I just returned from Vegas, so thank you for your patience while I’m slowly catching up on posts and messages I missed on the network. I apologize we did not get the chance to properly meet in person. I always try my best to meet with every member at the show. As the community evolves, it is increasingly more difficult to make that happen. Per usual, I ended up being a pinball bouncing between booths the entire time, given the 25,000+ people in attendance.

I hope you understand, and do not take our brief interaction as disinterest in you or your company. I am so glad to see you on the network and making the trip to Vegas to grow your business. You are definitely on the right path. For future trade shows, if you upload a profile picture of yourself, I will have an easier time recognizing you in person. Also, if you send me a private message prior to the event, we can schedule a meeting time to chat in person. Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming shows!

I’ll pm you my cell so we can catch up this week. Talk soon! :slight_smile:


I’ll never be too busy to meet with our members, let alone the amazing Bryan Eden! :slight_smile:


There are a dozsn different contacts I had that essentially blew me off at the show. They all apologized, it was just INSANE at the show. I stopped by the booth and had a brief conversation, missed Nick because he was our and about. Nothing but love and respect for you guys and what you do.
If someone really wants to connect at these events, post something before the show about meeting outside the actual event. For example I’ve had several great breakfast meetings with folks- nice and quiet with selected folks. I would have been happy to meet with you or others, but trying to have a networking experience actually on the exhibit floor is like trying to roll up on someone in a crowded concert.


I’m nothing but wrong. I’ve mistakenly allowed emotional intensity to dictate my behavior. I made amazing connections at the convention, which did nothing more than further my vision.

You all are amazing people. My true vision is to spread love and happiness. I respect all of you, immensely.

My humble request, is that all of you amazing individuals can work to accept my genuine apology. Regardless of the level of disrespect I’ve chosen to employ, I understand any hesitation to endorse anything that I am doing.

I am mentally ill, to a severe degree. My website may be locked, which implies the notion that I am not transparent. However, I am open to answering any questions one may have regarding what I’ve passionately dedicated myself to…

Again, sorry for the disrespect. Hopefully we can all move past this…


You know what’s really cool about our community: mutual respect. We can all accept a sincere apology and offer second chances. I think your willingness to offer such a deep and humble apology is a demonstration of your grace, maturity and professionalism, @LED_Cultivation. We are happy to have you here.


Hi @LED_Cultivation, I totally agree with @Growernick.

I appreciate your apology to the network and I am sorry you felt disconnected. Personally, I have made so many valuable friends, have learned so much and have found great opportunities. I hope you find what you are looking for as well. By the way, I would love to talk LEDs. Please inbox me when you find time to chat.


I would love to speak with you as well. I will reach out shortly

I’ve requested to have my account silenced temporarily. This community will not have to worry about me spreading toxicity again. I am truly sorry.

Austin Rouse