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Share your super soil recipe


Growing healthy plants outdoors starts with a balances soil blend rich in micronutrients and macronutrients to help sustain your crops. Everyone has their own recipe. Share your favorite super soil blend here!


I started my first outdoor grow this week, so my no means an experienced recipe. And first I should lead with the ground around where I live (near a lake), is super soggy so added some non traditional elements to help with aeration.

Base fox farms OF
20% Coco
10% Clay Pebbles
30% Perlite
10# Nitro Bat Guano
30# Earthworm Casting
80# Dairy Doo Fertilizer
5# Steamed Oyster Shell
10# Blood Meal

Mix and spray with a compost tea, let sit covered for about 30 days till I get mold


I have found a great source for giberelic acid
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What was the cost?


This is well put together. Thank you for sharing this. Tight, on point.


About $500 with everything to fill all 4 beds they are 3x7 and a foot up


That’s a good list, it gives me something to work backwards from


1:1:1: CSPM (Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss) : Pumice/Lava rock : Compost - Malibus B/U is an excellent choice if it is available in your area.

Amended per cuF with:

1/2 - 1 cup Neem or Karanja
1/2 - 1 cup Kelp
1/2 - 1 cup Crab/Crustacean meal
1 cup MBP (Malted Barley Powder)

1/2 cup Gypsum (nice sulphur source)
4-6 cups Basalt
6-8 cups Biochar

Small handful of worms per container In beds, lets say 4x8 for example, something like a handful per 2x2 area is more than plenty. I’ve seen quite a number of instances where a very large number of worms are started with and while there is nothing wrong with that I feel it not only detracts from the purpose but is wholly unnecessary as worms will regulate their population in containers so you risk simply a huge waste of money and worms right out the gate. IMO it is better to start with a small amount and allow your mini ecosystem to develop ‘naturally’ and soil life will find it’s own balance that is most appropriate for any given size body of soil - make sense?

Day 1 Plain water
Day 2 No watering
Day 3 MBP top-dress watered in with Aloe/Fulvic/Silica (agsil or your silica source of choice)
Day 4 No watering
Day 5 Plain water
Day 6 Neem/Kelp tea
Day 7 No watering
Day 8 Plain water
Day 9 No watering
Day 10 Coconut Water
Day 11 No watering

REPEAT - Beginning to end, no changes needed for various stages of growth, simple enough right

I have 3 yards of this coming for me and 2 buddies tomorrow… I will load a picture of it when I start filling my 35 gallon pots…

Our malibus (humic) is 5ft3 leaf compost and 1ft3 fish compost and 3ft3 worm compost…in each yard…


Do you vermipost, @Ladithief?


Not yet… I am working on talking the wife into it… I get my worms from Cathy’s worms in Bradford Ontario when I need them… mixing 3 yards is tough so I actually have a place Black Swallow soils in Brantford Ontario mix it for me and deliver it… I want to be self sustained moving forward… just couldn’t this time… as the ingredients would have came from 10 different places and shipping would kill me…lol… we are paying $130 a yard shipping so it was much easier this way this time… I needed it for this week as my outdoors are going out this week end…


use untoasted malted barley powder too… good for your mychorraize…


Word! Next season I’ll definitely try it!


This is great! Thank you!


There is a yard of the above soil recipe…lol…and behind it 55lbof kelp meal


Wow. Now that would make for an interesting- next few months. Hmm. My stomach is growling for dirt. :sob:


@420Addams has a good one as well, I am pretty sure.


Me? Oh, no! I mean, I grow using organic methods and tons of microbes, but my medium recipe is just 60% Promix Bx, 25% organic Perlite, and 15% FFHF; I mix in 2 tsps of Recharge to each 5 gallon pot. Throughout growing, I add several different varieties of beneficial bacteria and fungi, as well as using Earth Juice’s Original 5.


Hey, was just thinking about switching from FFHF Potting mix to the Soil Conditioner, since that’s kinda what I’m using it for, anyway. Does anybody have any thoughts on why I should/shouldn’t switch from the Potting mix to the Soil Conditioner? I’d use the same ratios, I’m thinking, so not much of it, at all.


The Tea recipe that came with the 5 gallon tea bags calls for soil companion (bacillus subtillus) in it… so I think they might be close to each other so it to me couldn’t hurt…


@BudBrother here is some reading for you :wink: