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When it comes to growing media I think the selection that is made should be based off of what the growers objectives are. I have found that which ever media is selected is often going to represent the level of involvement that a grower will have in their growI have found that when selecting a media one must answer the following questions for themselves in order to design a garden that suits our own needs. First question I ask is how many days a week would you like to plan on watering. When using a soil like fox farm,Coco, or happy frog these soils tend to hold water longer and in return you would water less than that of a media choice like rockwool, where one would be required to water on a daily basis. The next question I would ask a grower when selecting a media is what is the target time frame per harvest as Hydroponics tend to grow 4x faster than that of plants that are soil based. The third factor to consider is how much labor would you like to delegate to the process. I have found that when using soils cocos or any container based media one can only plan to be transplanting at one point or another and this can often take a great deal of time. Not only that but this also excludes cleaning, and removing the media post harvest as well. All in all I think whichever choice is made all of the following should be taken into consideration as I personally am a firm believer that if you design a garden around your needs you design a plan for success.


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