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Some gorilla glue # 4


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Ah, the Glue…

I love the strain but will not grow it again…lol… just did not like the outdoor life…lol…very nice colouring… never seen it purple for me…

I will be honest w u it’s givin me more trouble than most strains had a cpll defincies

And the purple is on of the leds I have

It’s a very lime green not dark at all very vibrant I jus have a ghetto phone so thers no justice

no sorry did not know the plurple was still on…lol…

I jus left it on kuz i had a light blow and had toove a bunch of shit Into anther tent to save everything so that one purple LED light made it into that tent haha

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…lol… then that’s still why I never seen it purple…lol…

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Yeah it was a shit show for a lil while