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Shoe Inn Performance Review Conducted by Master Grower and 2018 Arizona Errl Cup Winner for #1 Patient Choice Hybrid Flower “Animal Cookies” Nick S.
The purpose of this performance review will be to test the durability, time-saving ability, ease of use, and structural integrity of the Shoe Inn shoe cover dispenser, as well as test the durability and material integrity of accompanying booties.

Study Commences April 1, 2018-May 1, 2018

I received the box with the Shoe Inn shoe cover dispenser toward the end of March. Travis and I unboxed the unit in the Growers House showroom and snapped some photos of us assembling the handle of the dispenser and inserting booties. The unit was surprisingly simple to assemble and instructions easy to understand. Once we figured out the mechanics of the Shoe Inn (and went through a couple of hilarious missteps resulting in the tearing of a few booties), the ease of use became apparent.

Case material: stainless steel and ABS plastic
Stainless steel handlebar for extra stability
Powder-coated metallic colored handlebars (optional)
Weight: 43 lbs.
Refills: holds up to 220 shoe covers (two bundles)
Dimensions: 29” l x 13” w x 35.5” h (with handlebar)
Power source: no electricity needed

Since installing the Shoe Inn in the cultivation facility, I have noticed an increase in the overall cleanliness of the facility as a whole. If we were a clean facility before, I would now classify our clean level at “Lab Status”. We are having to sweep the tile floors less often and when we do sweep there seems to be less detritus. We are able to enter and exit the facility with ease and without having to change shoes or bend down or balance on one leg to doff/don shoe covers. Dust has always been one of our biggest nuisances in our desert grow. Fine sediment clogs filters, creates friction in bearings, wears down HVAC units, and ruins condensate lines. Less dust means fewer issues.

I have always maintained stringent pest control protocols and an organic integrated pest management protocol (IPM); the Shoe Inn allows me to keep my facility clean and pest-free. Pest free crops mean healthier plants and bigger yields.

Time is money. Period. Every second saved with staff or myself having to take off/put on facility-specific shoes is money saved as well as contributes to increased efficiency and productivity (and increased profit). Another benefit of the Shoe Inn is safety: no longer am I leaning against the wall trying to take off my street shoes or balancing on one leg as I enter the facility. Visitors and staff are safer as well (thereby further reducing the possibility of costly workman’s comp claims). Staff are able to get to the grow rooms faster.

I run a professional facility. The cannabis industry is an emerging market dealing with historically heavy stigmatization. Every effort we can make to lend to the image of professionalism of the industry is a step in the right direction. The Shoe Inn is just one more professional step.

Reluctantly, I have retired my trusted Crocs as my go-to footwear in the facility; and have since replaced them with a Shoe Inn shoe cover dispenser.

So far I am quite pleased with the Shoe Inn shoe cover dispenser.


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We will be updated the Images from our experience with Shoe Inn Alt Med and In Growers Network as well as Growers House!