Should I be low stress training at this point

Was just wondering iv read a few things online but every plant is different but would it be a good idea to start low stress training at this point or leave it a bit longer probably just being a bit eager

Don’t take just my word for it (I’m fairly new at this game) let’s see what the real growers do. But, personnaly, I would top it now and wait a couple of days for the side shoots to take off and then I would tie those down. When you tie it down the first few times, be careful to support the central stem otherwise you might split it.


@kirsh, @kapouic has the right idea for training a single small plant. I will top every 3 nodes/sets of leaves.

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Would it be different if you had more plants? And why?

If you’ve got enough time and labor every plant could be topped and tied. When you’ve got a huge number of plants tying and training them takes a lot of people a lot of hours.
For a personal grow with around 10 plants you can tie and train everything.

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Thank you for confirming I thought I should be but didnt wanna just do it because am eager Haha

Thank you am new to this aswell and I thought I was supposed to be doing it but wanted some confirmation

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Should I be pulling back all of the branches and tieing them down then

@devjyarn posted a pic a few days ago on how he does it. It opened my eyes. You read a lot about it everywhere, but he has a great pic that speaks for itself.

I’ll try to find it for you.

Here it is : This is one of @devjyarn post.


A quick thought on topping and plant shaping.

I top my plants after 3 sets of nodes (6 fan leaves).

Notice how the sets of leaves alternate direction? Sets 1 and 3 have the branches growing out to the sides of the main branch, while set 2 will send a branch growing towards the center of the plant.

This is what I don’t want.

This is what I do want. Red is the growth direction from the topping I did previously, orange is where I want my new tops to be after the second topping, and blue will be the final tops if I decide to top the plants 3 times.

This should build a nice, uniform plant with a full canopy.

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