Should I stay or should I go?

I have had one successful fem seed run using STS and am in the middle of trying again. My first try was beginners luck and I ended up with over 300 fem Duran Poison seeds. I have killed 2 girls since then attempting to produce fem pollen, both due to operator error. The plant is Fruity Chronic Juice and is 90% indica. I sprayed twice and flipped both plants to flower. It looks like the seeder is far into flower and my pollinator looks like at least a couple of weeks or more. I want to save this strain for my wife as it is my only indica dominate strain and if you even say the word sativa my wife is up half the night. My question is will this still produce seeds or should I go trough all the effort of cutting clones and trying to store the pollen until the clones are ready? I have tried storing pollen without success but have upgraded my storage methods and will be storing some anyway as a test. My wife just came in, read my post, and said, “Why not do both?” DUH! Out of the mouths of babes. I WILL be cutting monster cropped clones today but what are the chances of the receiver producing seeds in case my pollen storage doesn’t work? Also should I stop spraying with STS now that pods have formed?


I’d offer some advise…but as I have never done any reversals or making fem seeds I would ask @PreyBird1.



Thanks Marty. I know Prey is da MAN but I also know he is busier than a 2 headed tick in a herd of puppies. All input is appreciated.


@PreyBird1 would know.

Tweet tweet!!! Thats my birdcall



Ok man thats a lot of info i read this and didnt respond a day ago and forgot sorry. What sts method? Did you follow my how to? I noticed this last goji crasher sts run im doing currently the polinator took a lot longer to form pollen pods and it was very hard to reverse this strain. Yours looks similair to what mine was doing. So - I would clone them root them and reveg them. Its a female so it should work fine. Reveggin a male after 10 days of flower nope. But i would still finish what your doing with the plants now. This way you can root the clones before the plants finish to make sure you have more stock plants. This is why i always have extra plants hanging around as im sure you do also? When i did my sts this time i sprayed STS for 7 days before flip which is 2 more than i regularly do. Then i spray STS every 5 days for 30 days. But this next time on the same strain im going to spray it more and also longer to see if its the strain thats stubborn. Because some strains are easier to reverse it seems. So im going to test this out a bit and see what happens. :man_shrugging:


I have used STS 4 times. First time was a success followed by 2 abject failures. This attempt looks like success.:crossed_fingers: This strain flipped the fastest of the 4. I failed storing pollen so I sent myself back to school and hopefully will be able to store viable pollen. I am going to try the dry in container method to harvest and also a branch in water angled over my trim bin method. This attempt I will be able to control the climate somewhat so once harvested I will be drying it in a room of about 70 -75 degrees and about 55 - 60% humidity. I will be mixing the pollen with baked flour and storing it in snap top plastic containers inserted into a thermos half filled with silica gel crystals and into the freezer. Any tips and/or methods on harvesting and storing pollen will be greatly appreciated.