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Simple, "DIY" indoor smoking hood system idea

As a newbie, I’m super impressed with how well an inline fan and carbon filter can hide the fresh potent smells of the plants I have. Granted, I only have one small auto with buds on it now so maybe that opinion will change when the other three photos are all budding ha. Anyway, I’ve been thinking if it would be a legitimate way to set up a “smoking corner” inside my house. I can’t have the house smelling as my wife does freelance makeup on the side and has clients coming in all through wedding season. So I was thinking I could maybe buy a larger inline fan and carbon filters, with or without an actual hood, and install it in the corner of my basement where my poker table would be. When friends and I decide to be poker tokers, I can just hit the switch and it would pull enough air in that area to pull all the smoke and smell. Any of you on here ever done anything like that? Do you think it would work?


I’ve never done it but I think if you sized the fan properly to the area of the room then it should work just fine. :wink::+1:


It definitely works. The “clubhouse” side of my local hydro store (there’s always a warm dab rig and someone toking something) has a few big scrubbers in the corners of the room. Just a large carbon filter and a big fan, hooked together and with the fan blowing up at the ceiling.

I’ve got a scrubber running in my large tent and have a chair and smoking area inside the tent - all air gets scrubbed, so no smell leaves, and I’ve got an inline filter on the air that gets exhausted to keep temp/humidity in check so no smell gets blown into the basement.


@oldguy yea exactly. My basement isn’t closed off from upstairs and it’s all one space. But I guess as long as I had enough pull in that corner I don’t need something that’s going to pull the whole ~750sq ft.

@devjyarn thank you for responding! Good to know someone has seen something similar in action! Do you remember what size filter and fans they went with?


I always go overkill when sizing the filters and get the biggest one that will fit, or that I can afford, haha.

Make sure it moves enough CFM to completely scrub all of the air you want it to clean. The good news is that the bigger they are, the slower they get clogged, so a big scrubber in the corner of the Poker Toker’s Lounge with a 6" adjustable fan will keep things smelling fresh for years.


Yea I know I want to try and go as big as I can so that 1) it moves enough air and 2) I can maybe dial it back to make it as quiet as possible without sacrificing performance. Looking into other silencing methods.