Siness, i help u out, u help me out

What equipment are u intrested in , i have a buch of equipment for sale, have u seen all the pictures

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Hey Gary! I’m Chris from Arkansas! I don’t know how to private message on here. But if you do message me!

I really like the help me help you lol!

I’m just a 24yr old guy, who’s married and has 2 boys with a 3rd on the way! First time growing was this year. Couple weeks from harvest! I had to grow outside, because conditions are just absolutely PERFECT where I’m at. But wanting to grow(try to grow) indoors, throughout the winter, is a HUGE goal of mine, and it’s just so expensive!

This is a lot, but I’m real, and interested!

What’s up Chris from Arkansas, what equipment are u intrested in? I have a bunch of equipment for sale, i have a pioneer 4 × 4 T5, 2 Magnum XXXL 6 inch hoods, a quantum 600 ballast, 400 ballast, 2 600 Hortilux bulbs, titan Co2 regulator, timers, theremometer, ropes, 2 vortex 6 inch canfans, canfan controller & Mars Hydro pro 2 epistar 160 equivalent to a 400 hps

Why dont u hit me up on the celly 619 925 9844, do u want me to send the picture’s on here or when u text me or call me?

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You guys can private message each other by clicking on the picture or letter next to their name and then hitting the message button. I recommend switching Your convo to private because rn everyone has your cell number… unless you want everyone to have it, then that’s cool too! :relaxed:

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How can i delete that message, i really dont want people to have my cell number & i would like to delete my profile picture also

Click the three buttons under the message, then hit the trash can.

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I also don’t see a profile picture. I only see a G. They automatically do that for everyone. Did you upload a different pic?

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go back and edit this post= change your number to anything else- cant remove it but you can change it

do you still have the co2 regulator? I have a Sentinel 10 burner I need a brain for. Is that still for sale?

I got u with the Titan Co2 regulator, sup?