Site feasibility assessment for Project in Nepal

Hi there lovely people!

My name is JP and I’m wondering where would be a good place to find growers who could help with assessing potential sites in Nepal.

We have conclusive surveys for 8 potential sites in Nepal and would love to speak to someone with experience with regards to the feasibility of cultivating a, primarily outdoor grow (starting with a nursery for seedlings and then poly-tunnels). Our aim is to grow relatively high THC bud (17-24%).

This is with a view to employing a Master Grower at a very competitive salary and potentially even equity. We are open to explore all avenues.

There is also a social enterprise element as we want to teach local farmers how to cultivate their own produce.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. JP

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I’m unable to respond to the reply you made, so I’ll follow it up here.

If you’ve got 8 sites that are already vetted and the constraining limit is finding a grower, I would start by finding the right grower and then use their input to help solidify the site choice.

Growing styles are all different. If your intention is to empower the local community and solidify yourself as an asset that will help them achieve a higher quality of life in the long run, start working with the local community as soon as possible.

Regional growing styles from legacy farmers are unique and have been perfected over years to be the most efficient in using local resources. Getting the community excited and on your side is very useful in the long run.


I would also find someone in each village that is a solid citizen and bring them over to learn to be a Master Grower. You are up against a culture wall if you don’t realize it. Before you spend $1 you need to do a cultural assessment, and not a commercial version. You need to find out if the people want this, if they don’t, you will never find workers. And it’s always best to employ locals for all positions except critical positions while you train others to fill them.


I would however be careful at this point in time. While it is in the works, it is not yet legal there. Some of the Asian countries can be very fickle. Sounds like you are preparing to be ahead of the legalization there. Best of luck with your endeavor!!

I would choose the site with the most amount of infrastructure in place that also abides by local regulations.

Getting electricity, water, people and vehicles into and out of the site is a huge upfront cost that must be handled before any growing and earning can take place.


thanks for commenting devjyarn.

Irrigation, electricity and logistical access are all elements that we have considered when picking our sites. All 8 sites in our survey have access to everything required to begin a farm. We would like someone with outdoor growing experience to basically rate our sites in order of feasibility.

We have taken into account soil, water analysis, temperature variation, crop history, fertiliser history, local marijuana/ hemp growth, irrigation, electricity, pollution levels, pests and light cycles. Is there anything we may have missed?


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Hi @jpdup22 and welcome to GN.

Sounds like a very interesting project you are working on. A very good cannabis book to read about the politics and culture of Nepalese is The King of Nepal: Life Before the Drug Wars. There actually a couple books he has published. I will post further links if it interests you, but sure you can find them.

Not just an interesting historical and political read but may also give you some insight to the strong nation. I sent a message to the book author to see if he would be interested in assisting you with some information. His website is and he has decades of experience with cannabis cultivation as well as Nepal.

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Hi Chrisj, thanks for the welcome.

I have just ordered the book, thank you for the suggestion. I will certainly appreciate any further info or thoughts you may have.

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Could you tellMe a bit more about the project I have about six years grow experience but I’m a water treatment plant operator and understand the propagation and circadian rhythm’s of cultivation and how to get the most out of a grow.

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