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Skunky stanky Buds

What are yalls thoughts on seeing more stinky skunky type strains? Especially seeing that we are all able to come out of the shadows and into the light. Love me sticky skunky buds. The fruity stuff can get boring after awhile.


The skunk strains were super popular in the early to mid 90’s. Skunk #1 took the Cannabis Cup in Holland a few times and Skunk Balls won once as well. I haven’t seen many skunk strains in the last decade, unfortunately. Even when we had over 100 unique cultivars in our mom room, there were zero pure skunk strains…

Perhaps the folks over at @Strainly might be able to lend a hand and help us bring back this once-popular genetic varietal.


Good morning everyone!

Ah… the “skunk days”. I remember going to the Netherlands with my buddies (I’ll spare you the countless anecdotes… :slight_smile: ) and usually being laughed at when saying “I just like my 4euro/gram Skunk”. It did just fine on me. I enjoyed it, I could wake-n-bake and still operate during the day :grinning: My buddies were always looking for that “new weed” and I was also definitely curious to try all kinds of strains, but always happy to have my good ol’ skunk in back pocket (or in my secret pocket :blush:)…

There actually are some Skunk genetics dropping on Strainly on a regular basis… often from Europe…

Let’s hope we can support a preservation effort of Skunk cultivars.

Below are a few examples:

Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk
Dutch Passion - Skunk Passion
Dready Seeds - Dready Skunk
Flying Dutchmen - Skunk #1
Nirvana - Super Skunk
Kiwi Seeds - KiwiSkunk
Deep Skunk F1
Skunk #1 (reproduced from a Sensi Seeds stock)



Keep the skunk alive!

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Hey smokinokie, that’s too funny. I graduated high school in the mid 80’s in northeast Oklahoma and good old #1 skunk ruled the day. Lol. For the very reason you stated I just started my first run of some super skunk fem seeds I was able to get from ILGM. skunk is still my favorite to this day. Super excited about this strain.


Yeah it’s funny how the smell of something can take us back in time.

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I have Sk1, and Roadkill, and a few others of the REAL DEAL SKUNKS.

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I’m looking for some strains that can take my parents back in time to the early 70s.

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