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SleeperJunkies Mammoth P side by side grow

Here is the start to my grow using Mammoth P. It’s said the first organically derived microbial inoculant that unlocks phosphorus and micronutrients to maximize growth. 6% increased stem strength and 16% increased yield. It’s used from seedling/clone through flushing at .6mL/G. I have 2 critical purple seedlings I started a week apart germinating on 10/17 and I am using 2 new 150w MH for veg in my closet. I have a 4" inline fan in the closet and a 9" oscillating fan on the other end blowing mostly tward the light. I’ll be starting the Mammoth P on #1 tomorrow with its first feeding and the same with #2 the fallowing week. I’ll be using aurora innovations soul nutrients in royal gold tupur soil with eventually 7gal fabric pots. I’ll do updates every time they get water and note any changes. I have done some remodeling the past week on my grow room so I’m still getting used to the new upgrade. Here is some pics of start and also some eye candy of the ladies half way through my first solo flower.


Have u used tuper before i have been curious about it ;)?

I’ve been using it for a couple months. Most people I’ve known used either happy frog and ocean forest. I had a bag of ocean forest and once I ran out of that I found the royal gold booth at a growers appreciation day at my local grow shop. Went home and did some homework on it and was sold on it. That was the day I seen people just growing straight out of the bag. It was amazing. 15’ tall, 12’ in diameter. Holy molie. The ones I have in flower is my first solo run and it’s on the tupur. So far I’m happy. It’s cheaper then fox farms $14 vs $17 for 1.5 cuft , purly natural, I was able to feed it on the second watering.

Watch that mammoth p. That’s the shit. I add it to my teas. The recipe just got out which will cause the cost to plummet thankfully but it’s the best stuff on the market.

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That’s great to hear. Gives me more motivation to get these babies going. I can’t wait to see the difference between the one that gets it and the one that doesn’t. I’ll still support the original company that I like. It doesn’t take much either which is nice.

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Sorry about the late post. I gave them straight ph water on Friday. I was heading out of town and couldn’t get away fast enough. So today I transplanted into final pots from solo cups. These are 7gal plastic pots I’ve drilled a ton of .035 holes in it. I’ve transplanted them into Royal Golds Tupur and put them back under veg. One thing I like about the tupur mix is it doesn’t come already fertilized so you can put nutes in right away. Today is feeding day so I’ll do a gallon of half strength nutes and the full .6ml of Mammoth P.

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Today is a water day, these babies are soaking it up. The one on Mammoth is doing fantastic! It’s on it’s 6th node and the one with out is on its 3rd node. Even though they where started a week apart I think we can already see the difference in growth rate. This morning my temp and humidity is at 72f and 36 rh. Lights out at noon and when I get home from work I give them a little must of just ph water and superthrive. I alternate the superthrive between spray bottle fill ups.

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Mammoth is a great product. Just wish it was a little cheaper

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Yeah We’ll see how well it works to judge if it’s worth $100 a qt. I’m excited to see the results. I’d like to make a trip over and talk to a professor or two. They have a big agracultural and ranching programs. I’d like to find out what their big secret is to their tomatoes and corn. It’s the best!