SM-90 Taken Away in late 2018. What replacement products are you using?

I have a grower considering SaferGro’s Natural Wet product for their recirculating deep water culture tubs. He’s Looking to replace Nutrilife’s SM-90 product that was taken off shelves due to improper registration in late 2018. He’s looking for a product or ,products that would keep his roots free of nasty microbes while keeping beneficial ones alive, , as well as helping the uptake of water and nutrients in the roots by allowing better permeation through the cellular walls. @GrowOpEmployees , @mastergrowers , @growopowners


I love this stuff and found a recipe out there but won’t be making any. Looking at yucca extract and maybe coco wet as surfactants. Keeping an eye for what comes up here


@BG_SAGE Thanks for your response. SaferGro’s Naural Wet contains 10% Yucca Schidigera.