Small closet trouble, touper royal gold with organic castings, kelp, cal, mag,

Any suggestions? Im moving to a bigger apartment where i will get a whole room to myself to do a proper closet grow, and im thinking to go with soil, tuper from royal gold is very hard for first time indoor growers and i love weed. To much tp give up, im a trial and error till i die type of guy you know.

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Hmm looks to me the lights are a bit to high so your getting some stretch and those dots look like the problem a friend had when his soil ph is to low , and are you fully saturating your medium then letting it dry out?


80% of the time i do saturated fully with 6.2ph water but i use dechlorinated tap water ppm’s around 66-70
I feed them every other week lightly with cal-mag- iron and kelp, i might have gone heavy on the worm
castings when i mixed the royal gold tuper with nutes, im just trying to learn how to identify issues the plant is trying to tell me so i can get acquainted with the plants language, and i figured you guys here are more experience and i very much appreciate the replies and input, its nice to see we are not alone​:muscle::call_me_hand::green_heart::fire::deciduous_tree::wind_face:

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