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I have been growing cannabis indoors for about 7 years now here in Michigan. Recently, since legalization, I have started machine trimming for local growers in the area. This journal will be a mix of my buds and those from Northern Michigan growers I trim for.

Here is a Blue Chemdawg (Blueberry x Chemdawg) I trimmed for a local grower:

This is a strain called ‘Time for Cookies’ that I trimmed for a local grower:

This is ‘Gelato’ I trimmed for a local grower:

I was given a Gelato mother for trimming that one, I have a small crop of clones from it ready to go into bud. It is 2 am right now, so I am just chilling for the night, but tomorrow I will post some more pictures. It looks like it is going to be very productive.

Here is a Kush strain that I trimmed with a mechanical bowl trimmer for a local grower:

It does a very close trim for the most part, and you can do around 3 ounces of bud in each load. Great for small harvests.

I have a good size Haze plant that I will be harvesting soon. Stay tuned for that. A lot of harvesting from local growers coming up also.

Thank you for stopping by.


Hi @Michigeist

Nice pictures. I’d like to see pics of your own buds too :slight_smile:


Thank you.

For sure, I will get some up today. My bud light doesn’t turn on for another 9 hours. Veg tent is on right now though.


There’s no rush. Will be nice to see your ladies. :slight_smile:


Definitely more fun seeing stuff YOU grew.

Not that there’s anything wrong with random trimmed bud porn, but we can get that anywhere.


This is my veg tent:

It could use a good cleaning, I have been slacking lately. Fun time is over though, no more sick days. This is the Gelato mother I was given as a gift:

I usually don’t keep mothers, mainly just try to clone something before it goes into bud. The Gelato seems to recover very quickly, it has enough tops for another batch of clones already.

These are a Sativa called Purple Haze. They rarely turn purple for me now that I am perpetual and can’t lower the night temps. It has been the main thing I grow because of yield. It takes 10-11 weeks to bud out, though:

My next harvest is Purple Haze, so I will have a lot of good bud shots of that soon. I will get a pic of the plant later, its my attempt at a bonzai plant. Was experimenting working with bigger plants to get my plant count down.

These are the Gelato clones I made off the gifted mother:

My nutrients were too much for them at the start and they got a little overdose, been feeding them water and they are using up the extra nutrients now. They really need transplanted but I am holding off. A small pot with frequent watering gives me a taller plant.

I will get bud room pics later today.


Those are some nice buds! Plants look marvelous too!


Sorry for not updating yet. The Haze is coming up on harvest time. Cut a bud to check it, when this is dry she should be ready to take down.

My camera is either too bright or too dim, go figure. I will work on getting better pictures lol. Going to find a non-reflective surface next time.

I can’t seem to get any quality pictures with the HPS lighting in my bud room. Going to snap some tomorrow when the light is off. Want to get a picture of the Haze before harvest.


Those dwc buds are epic large nugs.


Thanks, a lot of times I had to break them down before I dried them to prevent mold. I haven’t trained my plants to focus on top colas in years. I get more yield when the plant distributes the growth between many buds. This harvest coming up is a bonsai plant that has a lot of buds, I will more pictures to share tomorrow. Thanks for stopping in!


I can’t wait to see that! A friend and I were gonna do one together, this was our example…



That is a true bonsai plant, very nice find. I kind of just copied the bonsai style in a 20 gal. All good until toward the end the buds just started falling all over one another lol. Working on a trellis system for future grows.


That looks like it yeilded real nice


Not sure yet, it will be coming down soon. Hoping it was worth the work and resources.


How wide is the canopy? I’m thinking 300 plus up to 500 if it’s 4x4or bigger

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Around 4 foot if I can remember correctly.


I grow lots of big plants ur looking at 400 safely I’d say depending on density


Thanks, they seem to be pretty dense, really hardened up this last week. I am going to run some batches of smaller plants through until I can get some bigger plants vegetated, and keep them on a rotation with some trellis support. All good things in time, the Odyssey continues.


Hello everyone from Michigan , I I’ve in flatrock MI , I have a barn filled with Bloom lights 20 of them . I am not using 8 grow lights , because my veg is small and I don’t see enlarging it any time soon , That leaves 8 lights which you could have 18 to 24 plants . Please contact me if your interested in renting out grow room [email protected]

Sweet …:heart::v:t2: