Smokin erine current grow of LSD and blackberry kush

I am about 5 weeks into the flowering I figure about the end of the year if not the first week or so of the new year should be done.

those were about a week or so ago and just from the other day.

A couple more

The LSD has had some kind of issue with curling leaves and yellowing before going into flower and still can see the damage to the leaves. I have done some feedings of this and that to hope to bring it around. I think it may be a pH issue but I don’t pH so who knows.


I’m pretty sure you will get them to bounce back, you’ve come so far.

I love the strains you are growing… I have fond memories with both and hope to burn them again soon.

Congratulations on your beauty.

Peace & Toke.


Thanks the LSD has been an issue for a while and has been bouncing back. Now it is getting tough to tell if it is just yellowing from being in mid flower or is it an issue. IDK This hasn’t been my best yielding grow but the buds that are coming are going to be fantastic. Never had the LSD so really looking forward to trying it out. The blackberry I like a lot I have grown that one before. Very nice smoke.


Just sent you a message…



Blackberry kush

It is going to be yummy