Smoking Trim?

Hi all!

So… Sitting here, ran out a flower, smoking a bit of trim, wondering:

“Who else smokes their trim? And why? Do they smoke it while they’re waiting for some new buds to be ready, or say, really because they like it?”

:grimacing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:



So yeah. Tell us your experiences, habbits, likes, … down below :arrow_down: :metal: :fire:

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i smoke trim and resin in the dry months, and i mix fan leaves with my tobacco. of course i use trim for infusions too. extractions, not so much anymore. but yeah, i went a couple months on trim last year. if it works lol


@MrMonkey420 , you are not alone, I smoked trim, even smoked male pollen before. Cant say I enjoy it, or do it often, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes. I have a trim box now and usually make bubble hash during the dry months. That is a better route to go. When do you think your next harvest will be ready?


@chrisj Hey brother. I only have one small (4x2) tent left, I’ve got big moving plans coming up and didn’t want to make the investment anymore. So I run out a bit easier than expected lately.

In a few weeks I expect my auto’s to be done, but i’m not happy with how that grow went. They’re so vulnerable, easily disturbed / stunned. Guess I’m going back to the photos.

Whilst the autos are flowering, this little seedling is growing to become a mom. I had one Lemon Tree :lemon: (Barney’s Farm) seed left, going to make clones out of her when she’s done. I love that strain. The terpenes in it are amazing!
And that probably will be my last grow on this side of the planet before moving to Australia…

So for now, it’s smoking trim. :crazy_face: It’s good enough for the bong, the water filters out a bit of the harshness.



@chrisj First time I hear someone smoking pollen! How did that go? I guess it does the trick tho.

Yep, making bubble hash is def. the better way to go. Never have done it, should have a look into it.

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Are you going to keep rocking this thread monk?


Bibble hash is easy. Just get the filter bags that zip up and a small washing machine!


No you can archive it if you want, thanks for asking!