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So what about that soil?!?

So as a complete new bee to growing I’m learning a lot of information. I believe nutrition is really the part that gets me confused and worry about over or under feeding. Then after reading so many post about good soil can help feed your plants I realized that maybe I need to ask about the soil all you guys with the knowledge please help out I bought fox farm soil and just plant in that I also have cal mag because I saw that is a staple people use and I bought worm casting (liquid form) and general hydroponic flora gro please lend some knowledge. Sorry such a long post.


If you ever decide to go living soil hit me up… I forgot most if not all I knew about salt based nutes other than Botanicare… the only line I use when keeping plants alive indoors… and that is the only reason I grow indoors now…


If you got a second can you let me kno what living soil is and is it easier to grow in.

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When you learn it, it is… it’s using soil mycology and teas to feed your plants… no plant based nutes… nearly impossible to over or underfeed… check out my thread… 2020 Ladi’s outdoor living soil… I use all organic ingredients for teas…Jump over there and ask away and I will answer as I get time… I am starting a set of night shifts so will on here and there when I do start…


Okay thanks @Ladithief I’ll def take a look!

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If u can get the fox farms, it will go far for you and you won’t have to worry. Its good stuff that someone has already made into great soil. It’s more a question of how much work you want to do. There are many ideas about soil, and lots to read about the subject. Living soil works. But it might not be the time for you. A few cycles down the road and you will know more about it and may want to go another direction. But by then you will have better feel for what you need for your situation. Do the best you can until you learn to do it better. Food for thought.

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Thanks imma definitely give it my best the more information I can get and the more tricks I can pick up the better I can get.

Try starting out with happy frog I’ve heard good things … it’s precharged… All about lighting and temp and humidity as well…its a journey in life well worth taking @boogie13

check out build a soil web site also check out kis organics web site look up clackamas coots living soil recipe.

cal mag is for growing in coir