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Social Media Censoring Cannabis Pages (iNDO EXPO)

Hey Canna people!
So I work for Indo Expo, the premier Cannabis Trade Show, as the social media coordinator. A bunch of you attended our most recent event a couple weeks ago in Portland, OR which was a huge success so thanks to all who came out for that!

Today I want to talk about the growing trend of Facebook and Instagram (which are the same company these days) to censor those of us who have legitimate LEGAL cannabis businesses. We have been dealing with this for a while… they won’t run our ads, or take down photos, but recently they took it to a whole new level and deactivated our Instagram page with its 23 K followers with no explanation. Just one day it was gone with a short note about violating their policies

I may be a bit biased considering how much blood, sweat, and tears went into that page and its content, but this is outrageous and it’s happening all over the cannabis industry to influencers, dispensaries, farms, and other trade shows.

Has anyone else experienced this? And if so, any advice or words of encouragement?

ALSO if you’re on I.G. please go follow @indoexpo and help us rebuild our page.

Prohibition is over Zuckerburg!!

Thank you wonderful cannabis community! We appreciate your support!!


NCIA has a petition going around about the censorship of cannabis companies:


So very sorry to hear this! From YouTube to Facebook and now to IG…censorship is happening quietly across the internet and our voices are being silenced.

This practice of widespread censorship could be expected in Russia or China, but to see this happening here is very disheartening.

We just want to say we welcome your content here at Growers Network. We are trying to provide that safe place online for cannabis professionals.


Yea We’ve signed it already. We’ve been dealing with advertising issues for months, but never imagined that they would delete the page entirely.