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Soft Secrets - Get their Issue 2 Magazine now


Dont know how many of you know about Soft Secrets and have not found a post about them on here. So they have recently launched their Issue 2 2020. Check it out, a freely available cannabis magazine. Download Sponsored by Paradise Seeds.

They have printed a cannabis magazine since 1985. And have been a great source of news and information for cannabis growers over the years. I am sure I still have a stash of these papers from the late 90’s somewhere. SoftSecrets are also sponsors and hosts of cannabis cups and trade shows:

" Take a look at some of the past and future events that SoftSecrets have been involved with. The many business that have eveolved in the cannabis industry from hemp through to cannabis pizza and pastas. Arts and cannabis culture are something Soft Secrets have been passionate about since its first publication in 1985." Source

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When I lived in England I use to read it, I forgot all about them, Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Yes they were very big in Europe. Almsot every stoner had a paper or two. I want to look for my copies now.