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Soil Carbon Testing

Hello All!

Sean here from Seshat Technologies, and I wanted to reach out today to give a little update. We have a working version of our app, and finally after some time have received all the parts we need to go ahead and start assembling Soil Carbon devices! We want to start shipping those out in the next 2-3 weeks and have them in your hands soon, if you would like to be part of our first trial run with our new hardware and software.

For our first round of beta testing we are going to deploy a device that will be able to measure micrograms of available carbon per gram of soil. We are basing our calculations and concept for this device based on some findings in a paper I will link below. This will allow you a deeper look into how your soil management effects carbon, which is key to healthy plant growth in a quantitative way.

We think the platform is where the real value is, even if most think it is in hardware. We hope to show you how to set projects where you could test multiple fertilizer treatments against one another, and get real hard data back how those are effecting soil parameters and later plant photosynthetic health and a cannabis profile.

The paper we are basing our soil device off of can be read here. All you need for our procedure is a one standard pint mason jar for each sample you want to run in 24 hour period (requires a drying period to standardize). Everything else, like special lid, syringe we will send to you along with the device at the cost of production which we calculated out to $200 per kit.

At our lab we ran some tests using different soils, that had different treatments and we did a little write up for the lab which I will also attach to this post. If you are interested in being a beta tester this round, you will be first pick to beta test the cannabis potency device as well, we want to build out from a core group of dedicated testers

. 50G Soil Test Results Writeup.pdf (378.2 KB)

Sean Reed