Soil Probiotics - How it works



Soil Balance Professional Formulation is a highly concentrated 62 strain, regenerative community of probiotic bacteria and fungi. This blend of proprietary microbes has been proven to increase the various compounds in hemp cultivars responsible for oil production, aroma, flavor, and nutrient uptake.

Many microbes eat and digest carbon. Microbe digestion results in the creation of “secondary metabolites”. The various strains in Soil Balance Pro probiotics, produce a variety of naturally occurring metabolites and enzymes on the root surface. The probiotic microbes in Soil Balance Pro “push” the plant to produce its own secondary metabolites that stimulate and increase essential oil production. This same mode of action increases the production of terpenes and the various terpene types within the profile.

The microbes in Soil Balance Pro have been carefully selected for their unique ability to supplement the cannabis plant’s production of necessary precursors to cannabinoid formation. ONLY genetic encoding can dictate which particular cannabinoids the plant allocates these precursors to, and in what ratios. However, Soil Balance Pro has shown to consistently reduce certain types of ‘stress induced’ THC production. ‘Stress induced’ THC production is NOT genetically encoded, rather triggered by plant stress induced genetic misprints. These misprints have the ability to skew CBD:THC ratios in a compiled negative manner for hemp farmers. It is still the responsibility of the farmer to regularly monitor and maintain THC limits imposed by their governing body.

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I usually make my own LABS from rice water. you have a nice product aswell.