Soil what type. Any special soils

Hi. What types of soil are you using?
Any recipes for super soil?
Any good tricks you want to share?

Start of the season in my neck of the woods and building soil and nutrients as I go. For me the biggest trick is to build soil slowly and use any resource your area gives you. My neighbour has horses, so I collect horse manure from his fields. My basic soil recipe is:

  1. Dig a hole, knee deep add compost. Put a used tyre around it and start layering with other amendments like leaves, manure and soil. Wait a week or two, plant your seedlings. Then the layering starts.

  2. I add leaves, tea bags ( for water retention ) , and also add pine needles for its acidity as a mulch. I live on a lime belt so my PH is very high. Good point that, check the PH of your soil and water before you start out.

  3. Nutrients/additives - making a dandelion tea currently, next is a chicken/donkey manure tea cause they in vegetative state. Molasses is mixed at the end for bigger fruits. Other things that I add are molasses, seaweed mix, banana skin peels …

I think the most important thing about soil is thinking what you can use with what you have rather than just purchasing. If you you dont have the resources its a good idea to go buy those premade soils specifically designed for cannabis growth. If not go buy soil from your local nursery that supports roses or tomatoes. And just say you want to grow giant big tomatoes!!

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I haven’t grown since 2004 so I just bought foxfarms ocean forest
A couple of runs with that and I’ll probably go organic.

I buy prebuilt soils like sohum living soil because I’m lazy and don’t like to “build”

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will sohum soil be to hot for auto flowers?


No it should work great @treedawg

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thanks for your input

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I like canna’s soil- bio terra professional plus or bio terra plus.
I always add Guano Kalong, DTE Biolive and extra perlite…
I am just starting to test topping with super soil in flowering!!

I like to mix vermifire with nectar for the gods #4 and roots organics green fields. The mix of the 3 has the perfect texture and charge. Gets u all the way through veg with no nutes and teas in flower are perfect.