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Solar tubes

Dynamic Supplemental Sunlight™ Has anyone worked with these solartubes before?
I wonder if supplemental light could be built into the tube?


That’s awesome! A few months ago I was reading about using fiber optic cables to illuminate indoor grows with the sun (minus the heat), and this idea is in a similar vein.


That sounds super cool too @Hunter . It would be an interesting concept to incorporate the two for sure. Somebody should get on that!


Great for veg, Id be worried about random light hitting your roof and disturbing my babies in bloom.


Howdy everyone - I am the researcher that developed the SunGrown Indoor method. Using the Solatube products to bring natural sunlight into an indoor cultivation room. Now that the sun is in the room our PARlink component will automatically turn down our supplemental lights - enabling maximum savings.

If you want an update on our progress, I would recommend checking out this video -

I am happy to answer any questions.

Also, @Taima @Hunter @mwmzx6 and any other cultivators in the Growers Network - we do have a number of seed units we can provide to growers interested in experiencing the system.


I’ve integrated solar into my cultivation facilities in the past…I’d be interested to know how this technology could fit into those designs; either as a supplement or a replacement. Have any growers experimented with this yet?


Hey @Growernick - yes, yes indeed we have - did you have a moment to check out the YouTube Channel?


I did. Quite an interesting discussion. Thanks for sharing.

How did you find your way into the industry?

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