Soliciting input on powdered nutrients

we’ve been running bottled nutrient lines because the money man thinks they are (insert excuses here) but the state of the market has him considering various cost cutting measures.

i have a little experience with the flying skull line of powdered nutrients but not much.

anyone who has extensive experience willing to shed some light on this for me?

what brand? make your own and how? suppliers? recipes? tips and tricks? additives on the side? books or media about it?

thanks in advance for any input.


I know for a fact that Grower’s House can get you any of the required salts and amendments to create a complete Hoagland solution.
Brand: doesnt matter, youre not buying water and promises, youre buying calculable quantities of a known chemical. Price is key over brand cause many input companies get their raw materials from only a few global suppliers.
make your own and how: pm me, pm the GH guys
Suppliers: you can go online and have to get this here and that there or you can find a supplier like GH that can get it all in one order. with dry ferts, the freight comes into play in maximizing that overhead reduction.
recipes: lots of recipes online, look for hydro recipes for things like tomatoes/peppers and adjust the NPK and micros to match cannabis’ needs. alternately you can take a sample of the final solution (the fertigation you push to the plants) and send it in for analysis. this will tell you where you are already at in terms of nutrient content. from there you make a solution to emulate your old recipe. This allows you to transition your grow from water to salts without chancing a change in crop yield.
tip and tricks: do it. do it. easiest way to fail? dont do it.
additives: always remember to add biologicals (innoculants) and things that add biodiversity to your growing medium (kelp, humates, fulvates, saponins etc). just cause youre using salts doesnt mean the medium is a sterile chemical thing. you must still maintain all the same considerations as your old nutritional regime. at the end of the day, when the solution hits your plants, it doesnt matter if it was bottled nutrients or a custom salt solution; the only thing that matters is whats in it. (and alot of the times the liquid nute companies literally use the same commercially avail chemicals)
books or media:

good luck and all the best!


“we’ve been running bottled nutrient lines because the money man thinks they are (insert excuses here) but the state of the market has him considering various cost cutting measures.”

also, Classic. haha lets all thank the market for progress.

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I think brand does matter. Not all companies source from the same places. The qualities I will explain below are how you can tell.
Growers house can get you the required salts and you could look up recipes to try and tailor a mix for cannabis. But, Growers house can also get you a 3-Part already proven recipe that is raising the eyebrows of even some of the most educated and versed growers. It will also not break the bank. It is Dakine 420! Our recipe is built for growing massive frosty dense flowers with your pocket and health in mind.

Just finding and buying salts you have to keep in mind the sourcing of ingredients. Are they safe? Are they a different concoction of the same ingredients as the next company? I can tell you our blend of salts are sourced from a private supplier that our companies owner had worked with for years before ever coming to the market with their creation (Dakine 420). He is a dual P.H.D. in Chemistry and Micro Biology and has been in the large Ag business for over 40 years. Multiple patents in many industries and for the Cannabis Industry, we have exclusivity with him. No one else has access to our “Mad Scientist”

In regards to sourcing materials, keep in mind the places your raw salts come from. Are they Pharmaceutical, Agricultural, food grade. That plays a lot into the heavy metals in them. Ours are Food grade and have some of the lowest Heavy metals counts in the industry. Another thing to look for is solubility. If it is not breaking down 100% then you are not feeding your plants a full balanced meal. With our mix being 100% soluble we are available for uptake immediately following breakdown (30-60 seconds) and adding them to the reservoir separately with about 5min in between. Another benefit of the solubility is the cleanliness of no salt build up in your lines or emitters, and no settlement in your reservoirs. Thus meaning less cleanup and no more clogged equipment.

Biologicals are huge for your plants health and output. However those are things that typically gunk lines up. So, We created our Bio-Minerals for topical use. They are a blend of Bacillus bacteria and trace minerals. With only a couple applications per cycle you can help promote root growth and health along with an overall overwhelmingly healthy crop. Along with the Bios we have our Atomic Root Powder which is a proprietary blend of endo mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria with a 5% nitrogen derived from Kelp and Protein Hydrolysate improving cellular structure and massive healthy roots.

For more info you can visit our website We do have a trial offer available. To hear more about it please drop me a Private message. We are also on Instagram as #Dakine__420 And on FaceBook Redirecting...

Thank you for reading and hope this helps.


@mike.c thanks for taking the time to reply. i’ll look into all you said. if i can find any time i’ll pm you with way more questions than you bargained for.

@natedakine420 i spoke with jared on the phone this morning in kind of a coincidental accident.


@DGFarms No worries. He gave me your contact info and I will get back to you later this afternoon.


HGV Nutrients. Going to be hard to find a better product at a better price. We are sourcing the highest quality raw materials. Everything is blended on site not sourced out to a third party. Call me if you would like more information. 360-901-8592


Holler @dakine420 … They’ll get you right and I promise you’ll be happy!