Solistek 1000w digital ballast

hey everyone, so I bought a solis tek matrix 1000w digital ballast from some one. Everything seems to work. also came with an air cooled hood and bulb.

Anyone know if there is a way to tell the age of the ballast, i know digital ballasts are good for quite a long time. Just wanna make sure I didn’t get burned. He says it was only 2 months old, but notnsure if I believe that. As it just looks like an older model.

Thanks everyone. I can post a picture if it will help.


Nice start to I am sure a great grow. I have not messed with ballasts in ages. But a word of advice is to get it seen to by a pro and get it serviced. You dont know its history, it could have been bumped, could be pulling more electricty than its emitting out lumens. So essentially you could be growing less yield and wasting more money on electricity.

When i did grow indoors I would get mine serviced regulary at my local growshop. The same goes for the bulbs, I would replace it anyway, and keep the the bulb you got as a backup.

@chrisj so I found out that this particular ballast has a built in odometer. Says the ballast only has 282 running hours on it. I am considering taking it in to have it checked before I start the next crop just incase. I think I got a good deal i only payed $240 CAD for the ballast, air cooled reflector and bulb. Now my only question is, is there anyway it could be old enough to have accumulated enough hours to wind the timer all the way past 9999hrs and back to 282hrs? I think I’m only so skeptical because I’ve learned if something seems too good to be true it usually is lol.

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Well that is only 400 plus days meaning a year of 24 hours on??? Be on the safe side and check it out. I bought an old bike from a con artist a couple weeks ago as my van is stuffed at the moment, it was also too good to be true. The bike has broken down twice already and currently sitting in the rain, doing nothing.

@chrisj yeah I guess thats very true. Will make some phone calls to local shops see if i can get it checked out. Sorry to hear about the bike man, that sucks. Some people are @$$ holes. Thats what made me a little skeptical, the guy i bought the light from seemed a little shady, like the kinda guy who would have maybe “borrowed it” from someone lol. And when I asked why he was selling it he sent me a pic of an obituary, and sayed cuz his sister died. Ummmm okaayyy??? Lol

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Bro, bro, I hope not, but you know that old saying, gut feel!! I hope not for your case, get it checked a few extra dollars will save you in the long run. Wishing you the best success and hope to see that beast up and running pushing lumens to your ladies.

Sorry this deal I would have walked away from…somethings just aren’t worth the hassle or the stress you are showing…sorry that’s just me…