Solo cup tip

Everyone uses solo cups with soil. Cheap and easy. Oh, baby.

I got a tip from an old hippy. Retired Marine. So I claim no ownership and give this to you.

Solo cups are so cheap, why not make it easy. Start with a clear cup, Use 2 per plant. Poke holes in the bottom of one, for drainage- I use a soldering iron. Then cut the second- cut the bottom out and slice it up the side. When the time comes for transplanting, just drop the inner into your new pot and the cut cup come out without a fight.

It a delight to use and you won’t through another one away.


I basically do the same… I use red though… it a great technique…

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sorry didn’t see where you said to water in the bottom cup… this pulls the roots down and them get thick and healthy… upon transplant use kelp meal and an mychorraizal inoculant and watch them explode…aloe vera juice or 200x aloe flakes in your water aids the root growth too while in thesolo cups…

edit: use dynomyco from Ari… shit is out of this world as an inoculant…


Another great tip!


Brilliant ! I’m anywhere from 60 to
35 days into my first grow in 35 years for a multitude of reasons, and transplanting is main reason why.

Great stuff!


Aloe vera flakes. Any brand? Interesting.

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they are out there but I get mine from Black Swallow Living Soils… they are on Amazon etc…


just make sure it is 200x aloe flakes… far cheaper than buying juice…lol…


I made a trip to Black Swallows onetime :sunglasses:

going to try this right now great tip :grinning: thanks for sharing

It’s on my bucket list… nxt big order that is over $100 shipping I will…lol… it’s a 5 hours drive return trip… but I know @Packee would go too… that makes it a road trip… and certain rules apply to a road trip… must involve beer and food and oh a stripper or 2…lol…

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