Soluble Seaweed Extract 0-0-17

Soluble Seaweed Extract 0-0-17 is an extract made from Ascophyllum nodosum. :ocean: :seedling: Only the highest quality North Atlantic kelp is used in the production of our seaweed extract. It can be used in gardens, landscaping, containers and raised beds, for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, vines, trees and shrubs. :sparkles: check it out today at :sparkles:


Personally I don’t like this stuff because it’s made using Potassium Hydroxide which (a) burns your skin and (b) raises the pH of your solution quite a bit, requiring even more acid to get it where the plants like it.

AW…going to be tough! Essentially ALL Ascophyllum nodosum processors use the same proceedure…

The seaweed is clean water rinsed and dried. It is then steeped in concentrated potassium hydroxide
(KOH)(chemically similar to lye but lye contains undesireable sodium NaOH). This is done to break down the seaweed cell walls and release all the good shit! Following straining, It is then either processed immediately or dried as a concentrate and sold as a spray dried powder FWIW


Well that is interesting because all the liquid A, nodosum products I use dont’ have much Potash and are of moderate pH. The Seamax I use now has 0.8% potassium and a pH of about 7.8. I just wonder how they got it down from the KOH pH of 14 without adding a lot of acid, which certainly isn’t on the label. I really don’t know squat about seaweed processing.

But I would recommend the soluble seaweed extract as a good organic “pH up” in case you accidentally drop way too much acid in your reservoir :grinning:


Hey, not knocking your selected product at all…use whatever works for you!! Just saying!!!
Obviously the product your using is 0.8% potassium vs seaweed extract at 17.0%…pretty sure your stuff has been drastically diluted with water, that will explain your pH @ 7.8…
Many times seaweed extract will be formulated with humic acid thereby dropping the pH down…
Although you are correct the pH of KOH is indeed 14, after reacting with the seaweed tissue it is considerably lower.
Acadian Seaweed Extract ( Which BTW is the purist SWE) is 100% Soluble seaweed extract and the potassium content is 5.0%, so again you’re not dealing with a pH anywhere near 14.
A seaweed product like you showed at 17% is a dried product…you can never get that to pour unless you significantly dilute it,so again you will lower that pH in the process!!

Really not being argumentative at all…just stating the facts!! Good luck and Good Growing!


Yeah just trying to learn a thing or two :slight_smile: thanks for all the info!

You’re right it does also contain 4% humic acid by the way.

Out of curiosity, what is the pH of the soluble seaweed? It may not be 14 but it definitely burns the skin so must be above 10 at least?


Acadian’s Seaweed Extract is the most concentrated of all SWE’s you can find…it is also ONLY SWE no additives or dilutants. It pours a little like jello pudding!
To answer your question it has a pH of 9…in Southern Cali a lot of the well water approaches 8.5 pH

Good Luck to you in your future grows…SWE is a flexable and neat tool either as a foliar spray or in planting medias…very good soil microbe stimulant!