Solvent in California?

Hello all
I have an issue I was just made aware of. California will no longer sell butane over 150ml without orderizer. No problem just get with it and distilled off but I can’t find anyone selling oderized solvent anywhere.
Thought about getting a mailbox in AZ and shipping there and driving to pick up.
Anyone have a work around for this?


Wish I could help, but too far away. I was wondering if the ban had anything to do with cannabis and booom.

California will no longer allow sales of bulk butane gas to the general public. Sales of small butane canisters, the kind used to refill lighters, are still permitted.

Last September, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill No. 3112, which added non-odorized butane to the state’s list of controlled substances. The law took effect last week, on July 1.

Under the bill, it is “unlawful to sell to any customer any quantity of non-odorized butane.” Anyone caught with bulk butane becomes subject to a $2,500 fine, as well as possession charges for a controlled substance.

There are two exemptions under the bill. The general public may still purchase small cans of non-odorized butane for refilling lighters, but that’s it. Source

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I would have never pictured butane as a controlled substance.


Welcome to California Union of Socialist Protectionism


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