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About to setup my next grow, I was wondering if any of you have mixed FFOF and coco loco and should I give it a try?


It’s all a preference in what you want out of your medium. Ffof is a very hot oraganic soil and coco loco would take away from that and add extra drainage. I have been using ffof with extra perlite and I have been finding that it’s a little too hot for my liking… my next grows I’ll be using some sort of soiless medium so that I can control and dial in my nutrients better for my plants. If you are looking to step up your game I would consider a soiless medium and spend more money on good nutrients and learn exactly how much your plants need at all stages. Or you can go the live soil way which a number of people do on This forum and their plants look AMAZING. There is no perfect medium though, it’s all about preference and how much time your willing to put into it.


That’s how I grow. I like being in control of what my plants receive when I want them to.

If you mix soil with soilless media, make sure to adjust your pH accordingly. :wink:


@pomeroymc what do you use for your medium?? I was thinking of picking up promix hp for my next grow


Exactly that, you’ll love it! Remember it has a little charge, but not much at all. I put my seeds directly into it after germinating. If you go with that, anyway, lol


Great! What kind of nutrients do you use??


I use advanced 3 parts base recycle sil silica humbolts secret golden tree Humboldt secrets flower stacker and molasses and I flush with straight ph’d water may possibly try a flushing solution this run tho this just seems to work best for me I’ve tried a TON OF different brands a these just seem to do what I need the best for me


I use something most growers haven’t heard of, it’s called Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula with some AN Rhino skin and Botanicare’s cal/mag. I also supplement with AN flowering nutrients. Oh, and hydroguard.

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Fox farm Ocean forest soil apparently works better if you mix in their light warrior seed starter soil at a 2:1 ratio (2 parts being Ocean forest, 1 part seed starter). A lot of people actually use Ocean forest as their base when making a living soil, I would guess that’s because it’s one of like three soils that SubCool lists in his super soil recipe. Been researching a lot about living soils lately because like @davesnothere said, everyone I see that does has amazing looking plants!