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Southern California recreational cannabis firms struggle with product shortages,

@CAMasterGrowers what is your experience in this regard?


It’s affected us processors too. We can process 500lbs of dry biomass into crude per day, and have had trouble sourcing it. It really sucks having dead days when we can’t find anything as I’ve got two crews of guys here who need their 40hrs, and we can completely process all the biomass from smaller farms in like… a day.

We are in Humboldt though, not the south.


I have not seen shortages at ANY of the dispenseries in LA, whether in venice beach or BARC or downtown. Also plenty of edibles and concentrates with continuious sales and pop ups.


We have not noticed any shortages at all down South, we have been having a heck of a time distributing down there, although this last month it had picked up.
The thing about the labs dropping their prices is interesting. We dropped SC labs after working with and talking to Harrens. The prices at Harrens were already at the 450-500 mark and they were not destroying our product when they homogenized it for testing like SC labs was doing.SC labs said they would take a rolling pin and wax paper to crush our product before testing, and they complained that Harrens was not doing their homogenization proper. Harrens told us they would spend time shredding grinding our product with out pulverizing it into wax paper… We were getting 2-5% higher results and Harrens backs up their results with 2 other types of tests. I think they and maybe the other cannabis only testing facilities are losing out to established testing facilities that opened up to cannabis testing. I am not surprised at all by this . When we would drop off samples at SC labs they were always smoking weed or dabbing, at Harrens they are in suits and lab coats and very professional.They have also never bad mouthed any other testing company, they seem to have a lot more integrity.In the article SC labs is hinting that other labs are not playing by the rules and insinuating companies are not testing , fact is there are just better testing facilities.


Just wait for January, that’s when the bulk is felt for us in Oregon.