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Southwest Cannabis - Happy Holi-Blaze! Event

Hello everyone!

We will be attending the Southwest Cannabis “Happy Holi-Blaze” event taking place in Downtown Phoenix, tomorrow Dec 15th. Hope to see some of you there and get a chance to mingle and talk shop!

It’s going to be quite the event! They’re bringing in snow for a 60 foot snow slide, entertainment, give-aways and raffles, ugly xmas sweaters etc! Here is a link to the event for more info and tickets: Southwest Cannabis Happy Holi-Blaze

Looking forward to one last event with the industry before the holidays. Let me know who all is planning on attending, would love to meet up!


Devin Cooley
SunTrac USA
Hybrid Climate Systems
C (425) 770-8372


Wish I could be there…have a great event!


It’s going to be quite the Christmas party! I will pass along anything that might be good for @RayWearCC!